After three months in a country I will forever be in love with, I’m currently in Australia, learning as a deshi in an acupuncture clinic, and looking for a job. I’m  renting an apartment right on the beach on the Gold Coast. It’s a long beach, good for runs and walks, with lots of action-surfing/wind surfing, parasailing, doggies. You can hear the sound of the crashing waves from my bedroom window. This morning I went up to the rainforest valley to get produce from a farm. Last night I went to a poetry slam (it was world poetry day) at an art gallery/cafe. And today is one of those lazy Sunday’s, rain coming down, me stuck in bed. One thing that I did was finish this audiobook on YouTube. I wanted to pass it along because this author is so wise and what she says truly spoke to me. Maybe it will for you too. A Return to Love 

The story behind what led me here right now is kind of an interesting one. I’m having a little bit of a hard time wrapping my head around it and what’s going on. It’s probably a good thing though and giving me some time to reflect on the energy the universe is sending me. I’ve had all these super cool experiences in the most beautiful places, been around some of the most creative, talented,passionate people, and grateful for that, all the inspiration. When I was in Byron bay I stayed a few days at the arts factory campsite where Angus and Julia Stone first met and played music together. Why are many travelers such good musicians? It’s crazy the number of jam sessions I’ve watched or joined, complete strangers speaking the language of song. Israeli, Danish, Spanish, English, Greek, French, nuaen, German.


Let the spirit of the animals guide you
Listen to the voices in the forests 
They won’t lead you astray
 No all you can be
 Is the sea underneath
 The rising current of our time 
Nothing’s permanent just be 
Realize there’s always more to see
In your eyes feel the fire 
Building up inside 
A change in energy 
Strong waves of synchronicity
See there’s more to the mind
Than the knowledge you find
From the old texts we call religion
More prophets out there who have the vision 
There’s so much care for the condition
Of the world we live
Only so much we can give
Before our body’s depleted of the thing
Everyone most needs 
Love. It’s the purest form of heaven 
It will go beyond the universe
 Into the world some have already encompassed
Into galaxies, the stars, shining oh so bright 
And if we let them into our lives 
Yes they’ll show us the light 
Connect the spirits of love and soon we’ll reach
Pure bliss and matrimony 
Sing sing move move
Ahhh feel feel feel more
Fall fall fall deeper 
Into a captivation a trance 
Here to let our bones dance 
Live in peace
Realize that above it all
Tough feet stand tall on grassroots
Won’t let you fall won’t let you fall 

“Love law, love also licence, for gold has many shades. The quiet heart seeks quiet only. It better know the world; not trouble shun but trouble joining. Both life and death to learn, the green branch in the fire withers, but in the lotus flower is flame. “

My friend gave me his raw hot cocoa recipe and I’ve been addicted! Thought I’d pass it on: 

  • Heaping tablespoon of raw cocao and coconut sugar
  • Teaspoon cinnamon
  • Dashes of cayenne pepper and chili powder

Mix with warm water first so the beverage doesn’t get too hot which can take away some of the ‘raw’ benefits. Then add boiling water. I’ve made it with almond milk too which is goooood too. Spicy and warming!!

One of the things I learned at the farm in NZ was how to make yogurt and cheese out of raw milk (unhomogenised and not pasteurized). In AU they actually sell raw milk in the grocery store which surprised me because there are usually so many regulations. So what they do is label it as bath milk-cosmetic use only. Ehh so weird. I try not to look at the label when I put it in my coffee. Very much so a tangent.


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