Ahhhhh. I haven’t posted anything for awhile. It’s hard to put into words and pictures what I’ve been experiencing. I’ll just share what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.
I volunteered at an 8 day festival in the medical tent (theres a pic of one of the volunteer doctors using muscle testing to determine an allergy. Seeing it was a hippy festival we used a lot of natural skin ointments/disinfectants too like comfrey, arnica, tee tree.. ). We were in the mountains and surrounded by the most mystical forest. Underneath the grass were layers of karst limestone crystals that were said to hold ancient healing properties. The festival had such a cool vibe of love, self expression, and inspiration coming from everywhere. I slept in my tiny one person tent but at one point it rained which then proceeded a cold front. I could see my breath in my tent at night so that was…uncomfortable. Needed a thicker sleeping bag.
After the festival I got a lift down the mountain with a kiwi dude in his old American car, my German friend, and a girl from France. But first we stopped for a hike that included seeing a giant hole. Just a really deep hole that we couldn’t see the bottom of. It’s the deepest one in the southern hemi.
Then my friend and I hiked part of the Abel Tasman track. It is a long coastal walk with numerous campgrounds on the beach. We watched the nearly full moon rise above the islands and clouds as night approached, woke up for the sunrises, swam in the clear tidal pools, river, and relaxed. Because it’s a frequented place, there were ‘water taxis’ that drop people off to various campsites if they don’t feel like hiking or need to get somewhere fast. We walked, but a few days later we were lucky and went for a ride on a commercial sailboat to a beautiful spot called Split Apple Rock.
Eventually it was time to leave the Golden Bay Area so my friend and I have been exploring the South Island together since. It started out with a fabulous hitch with a gypsy driving a 1957 bus who goes around to different festivals to sell espresso. We played some good tunes and got a 300 km lift. I don’t know if you can call it art but I put my pen down in my journal for the whole ride and kept my hand relaxed so it would move as the bus moved. Kinda just looks like scribbles. But fond memories.
These pictures are from beach camping, the sunrise, hitch hiking, the festival, the Give Way aka Yield sign of NZ. I’m currently in a town very south surrounded with vineyards, lakes, mountains, and rivers. It’s been said that there is a purple aura around this place, making it full of healing energy. I’ve been freedom camping under the stars with some beautiful souls, sharing thoughts, meditating together, playing music. Even if the violin only had two strings..better than nothing? Meh. I miss that thing. It’s forcing me to learn guitar anyway.














Ran into one of the volunteers from the festival! 8 hours away, and on top of the mountain.




Sometimes when I’m traveling there’s times of transition and mood lulls. I thought that I would be spending a lot of time by myself when really I feel like I could use more! Usually when I’m feeling this it just means I need space. But I do love meeting up with people and traveling with friends. I’ve been able to meet so many others like me, going on by themselves, and I wouldn’t want it another way. If you’re reading this, which I’m not sure anyone does besides like three people: ) but anyway, if you’re reading this and you dream about seeing the world but you aren’t sure how because of money or not having someone to go with, don’t let it stop you! It’s such a cool experience to go on your own and you will absolutely meet friends along the way. It’s the law attraction, what you put out will come. You just can’t lose heart when things don’t go perfectly. But sometimes they do, without even trying. The other day I was feeling some anxiety so I started sketching a scene and quote that said, Be happy, radiating all those golden times had in the perfect hours, and it comforted me, thinking about the good I’ve had so far in life, and should let that inspire me even when things get weird.


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