Walking barefoot is like being radiated with the heartbeat of the ground with each step you take-A Wondering Dawn

I’ve just left the farm to see new things, mainly it’s time to hike the South Island and perhaps get stuck in a few places along the way. The bus ride to Wellington took 12 hours because of stops and transfers but I didn’t mind. My view stayed similar along the way, filled with rolling hills and cattle pastures. The passing towns looked similar, with an industrial yet country appearance, a New World grocery store, a few ethnic restaurants, an Internet cafe, a few fast food joints, and probably some thrift stores. Now I’m in Wellington, the city on the edge of the North Island where I’ll take a three-hour ferry to the South Island. The cities here are nice but I didn’t come here for them, preferring landscape over crowds of people. Compared to where I just was, there are very few Maori kiwis here. It’s mainly the European kiwis. I’m glad I got to live in a place where the Maori culture, what’s left of it, was predominant because it gave me a unique perspective of NZ. The history of the farm property was dug up by the family because they felt it was important to know who inhabited the land prior to them and its significance. The property was named Owharerau, translating as the “home of many people”so cool because that is how it’s being used presently. A unique community of people from around the world. I have never lived in a place where so many neighbors stop by to say hello, or to give us fish they’ve caught or eggs from their chickens. Kiwis seem to always be stopping for a cup of tea to break up their work day so when neighbors stop by there is a lot of that.


When fresh water and salt water collide


Last ride to Morrisons Bay for awhile. Riding this bike around was exhilarating on the steep ocean ridges, I’ll be missing this baby

The villa

The outdoor kitchen, halfway constructed

One of the best parts about this experience were the people there, coming and going, sharing life together. A family friend was staying from a tiny island called Niue, north of New Zealand, part of the Cook Islands, with a population of only 1600 people. Because of her upbringing, she KNEW HER FISH COOKING. it was amazing. One of the techniques she used was to grill the fish wrapped in banana leaves with onions and spices like curry and coriander.


Pinky, the woman from Niue, also makes jewelry. She wanted to make me something and my bracelet a friend gave me recently broke off, so she took some of its beads, added some of her own, and made me a recycled ring! I or a lot of inspiration from this zesty lady. She was a retired nurse, traveler, musician, and artistic individual, always doing things to help others, and with an incredible amount of warmth. She dropped me off at the bus station and kissed my cheek about 20 times. It

I won’t ever forget the kindness I received at this farm. I was fed by soil of love. And now it’s in my blood and I want to spread it to the rest of my journey, and continue to make a holistic life for myself and the others around me. It’s quite simple really, the ways to be happy: find peace within, give yourself to others, spread love, take care of yourself, and live in harmony with the earth and those around you. I think eventually things fall into place.

may you be whole. may you be a presence. may you live healthfully and simply. may you be filled with love




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