Back to Earth

I look across the table last night and say to Kaisa, “really feeling that time-warp thing right now.” She knew exactly what I was referring to and answers, “Ohhh yeah and so you just gotta live in the present” The most memorable times in NZ so far have been precisely that, when you just have to let go of dwelling thoughts, future happenings, or trying to take pictures. You immerse yourself in your surroundings; how you feel, the sounds in the air, the gathering of diverse people and accents spoken or various personality traits, how something tastes. And laughing. The people here are hilarious. Often, the best moments can’t be captured with photos or they were lost somewhere but usually, I was too busy living out that moment to take any. This blog is only a fragment of this journey but by journaling or blogging, I hope some of these memories stick with me further, even though it’s hard putting into words and I’d rather just look up and take a mental snapshot.

Pohutakawa tree that blossoms only during Christmas time

Garlic. Lots of garlic.
Day in the life on the farm: wake up at 6, have a coffee, and head out to work. We’ve been doing the garlic harvest so this means shucking it until it looks clean or throwing out the rotten ones, hanging them on the shed ceiling, and picking more from the field. We eventually have breakfast after a few hours work. My go-to is an egg from the chicken coop, avocado, and maybe som fried little purple spuds from last nights dinner. Basically what I have at home for breakfast but just all fresh and occasionally I’ll have fish or homemade yoghurt.



During the afternoon the sun gets hots so we stop to relax. I usually go to the beach, read, do crafts, practice guitar, socialize with the sporadic visitors that always seem to show up,or meander around the farm picking berries or fruit from the various trees. Or we run errands to town or drop off a kale delivery or to buy raw milk from the dairy farm. Sometimes there’s more collective work to do in the early evening or I’ll help get dinner picked and prepared. It’s a pretty simple, yet hard working life. There is so much satisfaction that comes from working together, being outside, getting dirty, and not making any plans to go anywhere.



Lime trees

Yesterday I was just leaving to run on the main road but there was a pet cat paralyzed, struggling to get up, hit by a car right before I got there. I brought him back to the house but he ended up dying right after. Poor little thing. Last night we had a small gathering here but usually an evening is dinner with everyone, going for a walk, taking a bath in the outdoor tub…you have to make a fire first to hear up the water. I always put medicinal plants or herbs in the bath water. After a long day nothing feels better.

It’s been a neat experience to live on this farm and its broadened my outlook on living sustainably. Like toilets. We waste so much water flushing the toilet. Compost outhouses are where it’s at!





may you be whole. may you be a presence. may you live healthfully and simply. may you be filled with love


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