Long days, short nights

I’m welcoming in 2015 this morning, sitting on the porch, drinking a dirty chai, and thinking about how thankful I am to be in this remarkable place, filled with kind people. When the holidays come around most of us think about, mmm two main things: food and family. Alright maybe I just think of food because I’m used to cooking with my mom. But definitely family. So if you’re my family or a close friend I would consider family, and you’re reading this, I want you to know how much I love you. I will be celebrating in spirit with you! But while I’m sad to be away from the people I care most about, I know this is exactly where I’m supposed to be and how good it has been for me personally. The family and group of people around me share abundant love and positive energy..the kind of energy that is supportive, opens you up, and humbles you. I’m realizing that I can’t track my growth, that travel and experience will change me subtly, like a piece of sea glass being washed over and over until one day you notice the opaque layer and roundness it formed.
Yesterday a group of us drove an hour up the ridge to a campsite where we knew some folks. It is so rural here, very different from your sea towns in the states. The bay is filled with nooks to explore in so four is us took the canoes out so we could dive for mussels/poas. The landscape looked like that scene in Peter Pan when Captain Hook and him were near the mermaids, hunting each other down near caves and crevices.




This is what the inside of a power looks like. I hadn’t eaten this before coming to NZ. It has a very fishy taste and is usually made into a sauce of some sort.


This is Claire, in her element with her love of diving. She is an ambitious woman, highly connected to the earth and water (you can see it in her gardens), a happy soul. I can’t believe how welcoming she is and giving.


When we got back from canoeing it eventually started drizzling so we made a fire from beach driftwood. This old copper kettle is a cool way to heat water up. There’s a hole in the center where you put kindling and paper, light it up, and eventually it will heat enough to boil the water. People here drink lots of tea, maybe because NZ is part of the British commonwealth?


Back to the farm I went to the garden to pick things for a salad. Mike made fish cakes and fried mussels from local catch. The mussels were light and crispy. It feels amazing to eat such delicious homegrown food!



Happy New Year!

may you be whole. may you be a presence. may you live healthfully and simply. may you be filled with love


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