Christmas Day









Christmas this year was special, spent in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer. The family frequently has friends and visitors coming and going so I was quickly feeling at home here. The day started off early, buzzing around getting ready for the day’s festivities. For breakfast, one of the woman here made Finnish pancakes and bacon from the farm.
I made flower bouquets for the tables from anything pretty I found around the yard. Some of the red flowers come from a native NZ tree called Pohutukawa, also known as their Christmas tree. The 175 acres on the farm offers a little bit of everything so gathering various plants was easy and enjoyable.
For dinner all the salads were from Claire’s garden and the crayfish caught from the bay. It was delicious! She grows a lot of kale because she sells it to markets for smoothies, juices, and as produce. She also grows potatoes, cauliflower, beans, berries, fennel, garlic, herbs, lettuce, beets, carrots…the list goes on. She has a green thumb, loving what she does and putting so much good energy into her soil-you can almost taste the difference. Actually, there is a huge difference between buying produce at the grocery (think about how much it is handled!) or getting it from the farm directly.
By the end of the night I wandered through the dark orchard toward the candle glowing outside the tent where I’m sleeping this week. Picture a white circus tent but much smaller. Maybe I’ll post a picture of this gypsy livin’.
Many things to be grateful for in this season.

may you be whole. may you be a presence. may you live healthfully and simply. may you be filled with love



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